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With our unblemished safety record we have a history of tackling technically demanding projects for both government and private clients.


ROV – Remote Operated Vehicle (150m)

The commercial diving industry is fraught with dangers and risks due to its potentially hazardous nature. Marine Engineering and Diving have reaslied that a number of underwater projects are more safely and economically performed by utilising ROV technology.

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) offer a broad range of applications with live stream CCTV footage, tethered rapid deployment, and a compact frame ideal for confined spaces.

Projects where ROV operations are effective:

  • Diver Support,
  • Confined spaces where access is limited,
  • Internal pipeline inspections,
  • Potable / Non-Potable Water Storage Tank Inspections,
  • Pre-Dive investigations to identify and determine working conditions, safety factors and requirements for task at hand, and
  • Salvage and recovery where loose materials, depth and temperature are outside best practice.

Underwater Services

Offering our customers innovative, cost effective and safety conscious solutions subject to their specific requirements and specifications.


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