Offering our customers
innovative, cost effective and
safety conscious solutions.

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Marine Engineering Diving

With our unblemished safety record we have a history of tackling technically demanding projects for both government and private clients.



Here at Marine Engineering and Diving, we continue to offer our customers innovative, cost effective and safety conscious solutions, tailored to your requirements. Our services include:


We can deliver a variety of measures to halt further deterioration and extend the useful life of your asset. Examples of some of the preventative maintenance activities we have conducted for clients are:

  • Corrosion Protective Systems installation and repairs including DENSO range
  • Cathodic Protection system installation: galvanic/ cathodic
  • Crack sealing
  • Concrete and structural component repairs
  • Removal of marine growth through high pressure water blasting
  • Installing protective coating systems


More commonly known as “Wet Welding”, this cost effective solution is a safe and reliable process that allows for temporary repairs, anode installations, steel or sheet pile repairs to general construction. Our thermal lance (Broco Cutter) is one method of cutting steel underwater quickly.

PILE REMEDIATION: – Cutting, Removal and Repairs

Reinforced concrete, timber and steel pile removal or repairs using a variety of specialised equipment.

PIPELINE INSTALLATION: – Repairs and Cleaning

We can help with cable laying, crack repairs, replacement of damaged sections, pigging/blanking, anchoring, and removal of debris and sediment.

RESERVOIRS: – Potable water

Our reservoir cleaning and inspection services can scale from small to medium scale dredging, and also includes debris removal and reporting using dedicated potable water equipment.


Hazmat and contaminated diving whilst using stringent decontamination procedures.

MOORINGS: – Installation and repairs

Marine Engineering & Diving specialise in concrete placement and repairs, supply to client specifications, routine inspections and reporting.


Underwater Services

Offering our customers innovative, cost effective and safety conscious solutions subject to their specific requirements and specifications.


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