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Marine Engineering Diving

With our unblemished safety record we have a history of tackling technically demanding projects for both government and private clients.

Asset Inspection

Bridges – Pipelines – Pontoons – Vessels – Plant Intakes – Aeration Systems – Wharfs – Dams – Reservoirs  – Tanks – Culverts – Navigation Beacons

Inspections play an important part in any asset maintenance and management program. Underwater material damage, deterioration and scour-related undermining may not be apparent above water until the damage has become so severe that remedial actions are extremely expensive.

By taking the “early detection” approach to underwater distress, implementation of repairs become more cost effective. Marine Engineering and Diving work with the client to maximise the longevity of their assets.


Our dedicated team of commercial divers and inspection personnel use technology and best-practice safe diving solutions to deliver clear, concise reports. Live feed CCTV surface footage also provides (in certain circumstances) the ability for engineers, asset owners and decision makers to direct underwater works to fully assess any situation.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

NDT methods are used to examine piles, piers and underwater structures. Because NDT does not permanently alter the assets being inspected, it is a highly valuable technique that can both save time and money in asset evaluation.

Core Samples & Drilling

Coring (semi-destructive testing) subject to the client’s requirements is another service provided by Marine Engineering and Diving. Our technicians provide samples for further analysis and allow the affected area to be repaired with an appropriate product.


Our detailed reporting schedules, using photos, CCTV footage and condition reporting, provide the client the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding the sustainability of their assets.



Underwater Services

Offering our customers innovative, cost effective and safety conscious solutions subject to their specific requirements and specifications.


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